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Microblading has never been more sought after then at this point in time. The average microblading technician charges $400 Per Treatment. The process takes about an 60 minutes total. If YOU were to see ONE client PER DAY, 5 days a week, you can earn $15,000+ per month. Thats not a type-o. 1-2 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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True master of their craft is one who can most effectively pass on their knowledge. The power of education lies not only in educators, but the students as well. Esthetic World Beauty has been all over the globe including Serbia, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Vietnam and many more places seeking the most effective and cutting edge permanent makeup education. From troubleshooting difficult clients, correcting poor work, and achieving pristine pigment retention – Thanks to our unique Esthetic World Beauty Training System® we’ve got the way to equip you for a prosperous and rewarding career as a Microblading Technician.

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We’ve Seen a 50% Increase In the Success Rate of Our Students Since Implementing The Digital Pre Course!

 Familiarizes students with tools

 Introduces basic brow shape

 Ensures students begin class with fundamental information

 Reduces Inefficient Class Time Use by an amazing 65%


Hand Picked Tools By Esthetic World Beauty “We’ve created the ultimate Microblading Essentials Toolkit” 

 Divider ($100 Value)

 Li Pigments ($150 Value!)

 Disposable Goods ($100 Value)

 Several Microblading Tools

 50+ Microblading Blades

 75 pg Training Manual


Brow Mapping Interactive Training Module
Hand Picked Tools By Esthetic World Beauty “We’ve created the ultimate Microblading Essentials Toolkit” 

 Instant & Online Access

 New Brow Patterns

 Advaned Drawing Techniques

 Proper Use of The Divider

  Many More…


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 Knowledge of Proper Sanitary RegulationsCheckmark

Checkmark DIGITAL Pre-Course Training Module

Checkmark A detailed examination of Brow Morphology

Checkmark Comprehensive background in Color Theory

Checkmark Full Equipment Training

Checkmark Knowledge of proper client documentation management

Checkmark Our Unique Method of Achieving The Ideal Brow Shape

Checkmark Live Model Practice

Checkmark Various Synthetic Skin Training Modules

Checkmark Skin Type Assessment Module

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