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Over the last couple of years, microblading has quickly evolved from an up-and-coming brow-grooming trend to a full-blown movement. Nobody remained immune. It seems like everyone – from celebrity IT-girls to your best friend’s mom – is rocking microbladed eyebrows these days. Or are they? Because with this revolutionary technique, it is really hard to tell natural hairs from in-drawn.

The instant success of microblading encouraged every brow specialist out there to upgrade their skills. Have you already mastered the technique? Then the next logical step is to stock up on high-quality microblading supplies to provide your clients with the best possible service. We know how easy it is to get lost in the sea of various tools presented on the market! Which is why Esthetic World Beauty online store has gathered the finest microblading products for you all in one place. Browse through the catalog, and we guarantee that you will find everything you need to get your business started.

How to buy a microblading kit

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that involves performing small incision strokes mimicking tiny hairs and filling them with semi-permanent dye. The goal is to enhance the brow shape and create a natural look. The procedure itself sounds relatively simple. However, since the effect lasts up 18 months, there is no room for mistake. Here is a list of tools that should be in you microblading kit:

    1. 1. Blades

The high quality of the blades minimizes the risk of an error. The most popular needle sizes are #7, #12 and #14.

    1. 2. Numbing cream

Each blade stroke feels like a paper-cut. To make sure your clients don’t experience any pain, stock up on a good pain-relief cream or gel.

    1. 3. Pigment

Pigments usually come in sets of multiple shades to mix and match to your clients’ skin.

    1. 4. Microblading pen

It is a tool that holds the blade. The pen must fit your hand perfectly for extra precision.

    1. 5. Stencils

These help outline the desired brow shape faster and more evenly.

    1. 6. Pigment rings

No need to reach for the pigment – just place it into the plastic ring on your finger, and it’s literally always at hand.

    1. 7. Measurement tool

These disposable stickers help find the proper ratio and spacing for the brows.

    1. 8. Pencil

Before you start microblading, draw the shape with a pencil to make sure the client is happy with it.

    1. 9. Face mask

You will be dealing with chemical dyes, so a mask is an absolute necessity.

    1. 10. Healing balm
  • This product will make sure the incisions heal properly and prevent any swelling or discoloration.

You can find all of the items listed above at our microblading shop. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

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