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High Quality Disposable Medical Face Masks

PMU PROFESSIONAL brand was created as an idea to give PMU artists the best and most reliable product line they use daily for their clients. In our offer there are over 50 premium products. All our products are carefully picked for most demanding PMU artists, even for beginners. We offer only hiqh quality premium products. 

Medical Face Masks are used in a variety of professions for a countless of applications. It is our goal to provide you and your staff with the highest quality of personal protection equipment.

PMU Professional Premium Disposable Medical/Surgical Face Masks are secure to the face via extra-soft ear loops and are designed to be as lightweight and breathable as possible for optimal user comfort. The fluid-resistance material helps protect the user from exposure to blood, bodily fluid, and other droplets that contain potentially hazardous materials. Material made from three different non-woven layers provide 99% efficiency against wearer-generated microorganisms adds another layer of protection, and inner layer is skin-friendly.