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This training contains the basic fundamentals of microblading. It includes basic shapes and patterns suitable for those with or without permanent makeup experience. 

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattoo. Through the manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of the skin (upper layer of dermis), we create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows with the most realistic end-product in mind. Our three day intensive training program is designed for students to develop the necessary skills to be proficient in microblading, regardless of their current experience level.


Our 5 day intensive combination course offers new students and former students an ideal combination of the manual microblading technique with the machine method of shading.

Why Choose Both?
We have chosen to offer a combination course for a variety of reasons. The shading technique complements the look of microblading. It offers a powdered look that fills in the brow. As the permanent make up industry grows, our clients and students have expressed an interest in catering to the ultra-realistic look of microblading as well as the more dramatic, filled in, look of shading.


The Esthetic World Beauty Advanced Microblading Training Course is designed for students who have either completed the fundamental microblading training course at EWB or students that are currently certified in the fundamentals of microblading.

The 2 day intensive curriculum focuses on 6 new brow patterns and advanced microblading situations. Students should be prepared to work on both synthetic skins and live models while solving issues in unique client scenarios.

Through this course, students will be able to more specifically cater to their client’s needs and gain the knowledge and hands on practice to set their work apart from entry level microblading technicians.

Requirements for EWB Training

In order to join the class, all students must finish blood borne pathogen course prior registration. All classes are inspected by health department and each student must obtain temporary practitioner’s license.
Note: $500 deposit is non-refundable unless the class is canceled by Esthetic World Beauty. 

Introducing Microblading Pre Course System

Pre Course Test

The pre course test is one of the several methods Esthetic World Beauty utilizes to ensure the integrity of our curriculum.
Students are tested on the material presented in the training manual prior to beginning class.
By ensuring that each student has studied and reviewed certain fundamental concepts before class, we are able to optimize both time and curriculum absorption.

Pre Course Videos

The Pre Course Video Series has increased the success rate of our students 50% since implementing it.
With this step by step series, students familiarize themselves with basic fundamental drawing concepts and become familiar with their tools prior to the course.
Students are able to reference the material from any computer or mobile device in the password protected student section of the Esthetic World Beauty website.


Premium Kit

During the training, you’ll receive a Professional Microblading Kit which includes 50 clients worth of pigment and blades. The contents of the kit contain the supplies necessary to fulfill the requirements of the course.

Live Model Practice

After successfully learning and demonstrating the microblading technique on two different synthetic skins, students then perform on a live model under the supervision of the instructor.

Lifetime Support

Our students have the lifetime support of Esthetic World Beauty in the form of our Facebook group (Microblading Training – Esthetic World Beauty) and direct contact with us via e-mail, text massage, and phone.


What I love most is how eager the staff is to answer any of my questions. They are so patient and it really meant a lot to me.

Chelsea Hardin


The curriculum was full of detail but taught in a way I could understand, even having no experience in the field. I am feeling confident having completed the course.

Julia Binnie


The educators here really have a passion for what they do. It gave me energy just seeing how excited they are about teaching what they love.

Melek Isejnoska


Microblading Potential Earning

Per 3 Client

Daily Revenue

Weekly Revenue

5 days

Monthly Revenue

20 working days

Yearly Revenue