5-Day Intensive Microblading and Shading Training

Over a 3-day hands-on Fundamental Microblading training, you will learn Microblading theory as well as practice on latex and live models. All students will be awarded title and certificate for successfully completing 100 hours of Microblading Fundamentals Training Course and demonstrating the essentials of Microblading. Over an additional 2-day Shading course, you will learn Shading/Powder/Ombre brows as well as practice on latex and live models. All students will be awarded an additional certificate who has successfully completed the training course in Permanent Makeup for Eyebrow Shading Technique.

This training are designed to help you achieve your goals in the PMU industry. Your hard work and determination are essential to being successful and EWB is here to help you build your dream career!

Why choose Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique during which a small handheld tool comprised of several tiny needles is used to implant pigment into the skin. Microblading differs from standard eyebrow tattooing because each hair stroke is created by hand, whereas eyebrow tattoos are done with a machine.
The microblading technique creates the most natural-looking brow on the market. EWB trained and experienced microblading artist is able to form and shape the brows to complement the natural beauty of each client’s face, skin tone, and bone structure. Our training facility is the perfect environment for students of all experience levels. Whether you are an experienced esthetician or coming from an unrelated field, we are confident that you will find tremendous value in our teaching methods. 

Why choose Shading?

A permanent makeup machine is used to create shading, powder, or ombré brows. The shading technique complements the look of microblading. It offers a powdered look that fills in the brow. As the permanent makeup industry grows, our clients and students have expressed an interest in catering to the ultra-realistic look of microblading as well as the more dramatic, filled-in, look of shading powder or ombré. Those techniques can also be an effective way to enhance the look of previous eyebrow tattoos without having the previous work removed. EWB bringing young and effective training methods that incorporate both theoretical and hands-on applications of these techniques in a variety of scenarios.

No Experience?

No Problem! Our Curriculum is structured for all experience levels and has been tested rigorously for 5+ years for efficiency. Our unique EstheticWorldBeauty Training System® will ensure that you receive the best education available and it will greatly benefit your new career path. Join us and and start earning as soon as possible!

 Lifetime Support

 24/7 Text-Call Teacher Support

Full Premium Kit Included

Our Program Includes

Checkmark All equipment (microblading tools, micropigmentation machine for shading)

Checkmark Introduction to cosmetic tattoo/microblading

Checkmark Licensing and insurance

Checkmark OSHA law

Checkmark Setup requirements for your establishment

Checkmark Review of necessary forms to have on file

Checkmark History of tattooing

Checkmark Multiple live models

Checkmark All about microblading and manual techniques

Checkmark Theoretical and practical application

Checkmark Business development (marketing, customer retention, etc)

Checkmark Dealing with clients

Checkmark Skin anatomy (including various skin types)

Checkmark Fitzpatrick scale

Checkmark Pigment selection

Checkmark Color theory

Checkmark Needle and tool selection

Checkmark Eyebrow shaping based on morphology of the face

Checkmark Blending of microblading and shading technique

Checkmark Multiple eyebrow patterns

Checkmark Pre-care protocol

Checkmark Post-procedure protocol

Starter Kit Includes

$800 value!

Checkmark Microblading Book

Checkmark 7 Microblading Pigments

Checkmark 75 Blades

Checkmark 4 Shading Eyebrow Pigment Collection

Checkmark Manual Pen + Holder

Checkmark Golder Ratio Divider

Checkmark Pencil for Shape Preparation

Checkmark Practice Skin

Checkmark Tweezers

Checkmark Scissors

Checkmark Shading Technique Manual

Checkmark Micropigmentation Machine

Checkmark Machine Pigments

Checkmark Needle Cartridges

Microblading & Shading Training Testimonials

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Price $4799

Microblading and microshading classes: More services to provide your customers with

The permanent makeup industry is thriving like never before. Ladies keep splurging on cosmetic treatments to conceal their imperfections and accentuate their natural beauty. And they often start by giving their brows a fuller look. You can help them once you’re a certified PMU artist with microblading and shading on your service menu. To become one, you can take this 5-day brows training course at EWB to flourish in the beauty industry, build your customer base, and increase what you’re paid.

As a leading PMU academy, EWB has crafted a unique curriculum covering all the intricacies of eyebrow tattooing. Whether you’re new to this sphere or someone who has been performing all but brow procedures, you’ll benefit from our microblading and microshading classes. From essentials to best practices, they teach everything you need to know to empower your customers to look the way they want to!

Add extra oomph to your practice with microblading and microshading certification

Certification is available for both a microblading course and microshading training. If you’re interested in classes for eyebrow microblading, you’ll get an EWB certificate proving you’ve learned the procedure within 3 days. Two days of training are required to receive a shading certificate. 

With this training, you will also get:

  • Premium Microblading Kit
  • Detailed microblading and microshading guidelines
  • Real-life experience with live models
  • Beauty practice development tips

The first 3 days are devoted to the microblading technique, while the next 2 days are focused on microshading. You’ll learn the basics and valuable tricks while sharpening your skills in practice. Unlike online microshading courses, this EWB training is based on practical knowledge in a supportive environment. We lend you a helping hand whenever you need it!

Brow training courses near me — Join today, stay updated forever

You can search for your first customers once you finish this training. You’ll be equipped with all the necessary tools and premium pigments for it to pan out.

Remember, an online microshading certification may be a nice thing to have, but it’s nothing without practical skills. Meanwhile, getting certified by Esthetic World Beauty means you’re ready to work in the field.

We stay in touch with you even after your training is over. You can get back to our teachers for support anytime. Plus, you can join EWB refresher training free of charge to bring yourself up to date with the latest microblading and microshading techniques!

What Else You Can Expect From Us?

Checkmark Highest quality 100% disposable pigments and supplies

Checkmark Lifetime support from Esthetic World Beauty

Checkmark Come to future classes for free for a refreshing

Checkmark Communicate with us via our Facebook group, text, email, and phone 24/7

Checkmark Free Wi-Fi

Checkmark Free parking

Checkmark  We accommodate you in a small group setting (8 max) in a licensed facility

Checkmark  Nearby hotels

Checkmark  Close to O’hare airport in Chicago

Upon successful completion of our microblading training program, students receive a Certification of completion of our course.

Please take advantage of the constant support we provide you with post-education. We are available via email, phone, text, and through our Facebook group. We are dedicated to the success of our students and understand that 5 days of information and practice is very demanding. Please come well rested and ready to absorb information.

The responsibility of each student is:

• To understand their state and local health department regulations for cosmetic tattoo

• EWB is not responsible for your information concerning establishing state and local permits/ licenses

Hope You JOIN Us!

Just a few more places left!

Price $4799


Full 5-Day Microblading & Shading Course/Training in Chicago, IL

Microblading and Shading Ombre Powder Training Chicago Course Class Price Best Academy School Near me Illinois Ohio Michigan Iowa Winter Spring Summer Fall October 2023
Microblading and Shading Ombre Powder Training Chicago Course Class Price Best Academy School Near me Illinois Ohio Michigan Iowa Winter December 2023
Microblading and Shading Ombre Powder Training Chicago Course Class Price Best Academy School Near me Illinois Ohio Michigan Iowa Winter December 2023

Just a few more places left!

Price $4799