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The program of our Microblading Online Course is approved by IBHE.

Before enrolling in our Microblading Online Course, please review this text for a realistic expectation of your journey with EWB Academy.

Our program and online platform are structured for all experience levels and tested rigorously for 5+ years for efficiency. EWB’s Microblading Online Course or 3-day hands-on Microblading Training will ensure that you receive the best education available through our school, supported with an online platform and Master or Master Assistant supervision.

Our Microblading Online Training curriculum constantly evolves. EWB Microblading Online Course is designed to help you achieve your goals in the Microblading industry.

There are four levels to become a Master Microblading Artist:

Microblading Artist
Microblading Royal Artist
Microblading Master Assistant
Microblading Master

Your hard work and determination are essential to being successful and EWB is here to help you build your dream career!

How does our Microblading Online Training work?

Anyone age 18+ and has a passion to succeed is eligible to become a student. Students who decide to enroll in our Microblading Online Course, have a chance to choose their trainer on our home page. In the online course, we will go over theory as well as practice on latex and live models. All-time during the online course your progress will be monitored and supported through different levels by a master assistant. Upon successful completion of the online course, all students will receive an EWB title and certificate. For more information about hands-on training click here.

Microblading Premium Kit Included

Premium Plus Microblading Kit

Registration for the Online Microblading Certification Course includes the most important features of mastering the art of Microblading:

The EWB Premium Kit (Free Worldwide Shipping)

6 months Training and Support to Ensure You Achieve The EWB Standard

Access to all lectures (Sterilization, Color matching, Client Consultation, and much more…)

Access to All Mapping videos

Access to Pattern Breakdown videos

Access to Live Procedure videos

Internationally Recognized Certificate

Custom EWB Title with Your Name

Placement on EWB Webpage for Marketing

Lifetime Support

Start going through the various levels of training with our supervision over the next six months, develop your skill, master your technique.

Microblading Online Course – Four Levels of Graduation


After completing all levels of Fundamental Microblading training and demonstrating an essential skill for performing Microblading, the academy promotes you to Artist. With this title and certificate, you may begin your career, build your business, employ at any beauty salon, and grow your monthly income.

Royal Artist

To become a Royal Artist, you must show your Master Assistant supervisor that your work and customer service are advanced. Once your request is approved, we will issue you a Royal Artist certificate to improve your quality of artwork and demonstrate superb customer service. With this certificate, you are one step closer to the title Master Assistant.

Master Assistant

The Master Assistant title is given to Royal Artist who have exhibited above-average skill and mentored others in the craft of Microblading.

To become a Master Assistant, you have to know all aspects of skin anatomy, recognize skin problems, and address these issues. Also need to know how to sell and promote your services
through platforms like Google, YouTube, and other social media sites.

What are the benefits of this title? We will promote you on our website, and new students can choose
you as their mentor.

Master Assistant will assist Artists and Royal Artists with practice on latex and later on with live models and grow while earning $500 per student you monitor.


To become a Master, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Recognizable signature work.
2. Monitor the most significant number of students in your country.
3. Experience – Minimum of 12 months.

With this title and certificate, you will have the opportunity to hold hands-on courses in your country and begin teaching students all over the world! Even you can make your own Masters who will continue to repeat and grow this system and learn your signature technique. EWB will provide all necessary tools, manuals, and online support for your students.

Choose your Microblading Online trainer

Microblading Online Course Curriculum

Years of hard work and effort have created the most powerful microblading online course curriculum


Meet the Founder
What Your Eyebrows Say About You
History of Eyebrow Trends
History of Using Hand Tools for Tattooing
What is Microblading?
Skills Necessary To Be Microblading Artist
Is it Permanent or Semi-permanent?
Who are Microblading Clients?
Who Should NOT Get Microblading?
How Long Does Microblading Last?
Touch Ups: A Part Of The Process
Healing Process Expectation
How Much Does It Cost?
Regulation and Insurance

Workplace Safety

Bloodborne Pathogens
Hepatitis C
How to Prevent Accidents
Safe Workplace Practices
Safe Handling of Needles
How to Handle Exposure
Sanitary Work Environment

Clients and Consultation

Our Clients

Skin Anatomy

Skin Anatomy Basics
Skin Types
Skin Diseases
How Does Aging Affect The Skin?
Skin Infection
Skin FAQ
Color Durability

Depth of Penetration

Depth of Penetration Introduction
Finding the Sweet Spot
Thickness of the Skin
Problem and Solution

Choosing a Color

Method for Choosing Color
Fitzpatrick Scale
Skin Undertone
Matching Brow Color


Premium Microblading Kit
Manual Pen
Topical Anesthetics
EWB Pigment Line

Body Position and Posture

Body Position
Hand Position


The Golden Ratio
Brow Shaping On Paper No. 1
Brow Shaping On Paper No. 2
How To Use The Golden Ratio Compass
How To Use The Golden Ratio Compass On A Model
How To Use The Golden Ratio Compass On A Model Sitting Behind

Eyebrow Anatomy and Pattern Breakdown

Hair Strokes
Brow Hair Sections
Pattern Breakdown
Pattern Breakdown On Latex (No Ink)
Pattern Breakdown On Latex (With Ink)


Inserting the Needle
Microblading Procedure


Stages of Healing
Aftercare Instructions
Danijela Milovanovic

Danijela Milovanovic

Instructor & CEO

Years of study, research, and innovation combined with a strong passion for aesthetics and beauty made Danijela an accomplished Permanent Make-up (PMU)/Microblading specialist and passionate instructor. Danijela started her PMU career in Europe, Serbia back in 2012. It was at that time Danijela realized how important it was to improve her skills and knowledge in order to achieve her vision of changing people’s lives through PMU. Danijela invested all of her time and effort to work on achieving the most natural PMU results by learning and practicing the most advanced PMU techniques… (read more)

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Microblading Needles
Disposable Microblading Pen 14CF
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