School Policies

Esthetic World Beauty

School Policies

Non-discrimination ESTHETIC WORLD BEAUTY does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, marital status, national origin, race or religion.

Attendance and Tardiness – To receive a certificate of completion, you must arrive on time for class each day. Classes begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at approximately 7:00 p.m. each day. Students who arrive late or miss class time, will be responsible for additional charges as listed in the Enrollment Agreement. Student’s must work on live models and complete required hours to receive certification. It is the instructor’s sole discretion whether a student is ready to work on live models. If a student is unable to meet minimum standards as required, there will be no refund of tuition.

Advanced Standing – We do not offer advance standing for previous training or course work.

Student Records – All student records will be kept for a lifetime from date of graduation. Records are private and can be accessed only with a written request from the student. Records will only be sent directly to the student.

Satisfactory Progress Policy & Evaluation – Students must maintain satisfactory progress while enrolled in training. Each student is evaluated during each phase of the class. If a student’s comprehension or performance falls below the passing level of 75%, reevaluation or additional time will be recommended for practice and study before conclusion of the program. If the student chooses not to bring their skills/understanding up to a level that allows them to safely perform services, no certification will be granted even though they may complete other requirements. Records are kept by the school and are available to the student as required by Illinois law.

Complaint Procedure – Any questions concerning this training program which have not been satisfactorily answered or resolved prior to class should be directed to
4701 N. Cumberland Ave. / Suite 30 Norridge, IL, 60706 [email protected] 
Phone 630.670.2154.

Filing A Complaint – Go to ibhe.org under consumer information, click ‘online complaint’ system or call 217-557-7359.

Student Conduct – Students are expected to behave maturely. Students displaying disruptive behavior will be terminated from the program. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to: harassing other students, possession or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or abusive language. The ethics statement outlines our behavioral expectations. It is expected that all instructors will be familiar with these issues and strive to uphold their essence.

Termination Policies – Students who behave inappropriately will receive a written warning. A second infraction of conduct policy will result in termination from the program. One year after termination, student may reapply for admissions to an upcoming class. Admission not guaranteed.

Enrollment Agreement

This enrollment agreement is a legally binding instrument acknowledging that you have been given reasonable time to read and understand it, and that you have read a statement of ESTHETIC WORLD BEAUTY policies regarding tuition, payment, cancellation, refund, and ethics. Student acknowledges and is aware he/she will be attending the applicable course(s) only under the terms of this agreement. Student acknowledges and is aware that ESTHETIC WORLD BEAUTY does not certify to perform tattoo removal, and/or para-medical procedures. Student acknowledges that success is dependent on his/her application of practices learned in each course. The student additionally understands that minimum standards must be met to receive a certificate of completion. The school is in no way required to issue a certificate of completion unless the student performs satisfactorily in all aspects of the course(s). The instructor will make every effort to work diligently with each student to ensure successful completion of each course.

Each student must complete work on live models, and attend their minimum scheduled classroom hours in addition to studying his/her manual. Class hours vary depending on class and location. Students who are late for class will be charged a fee of $50.00 per hour to make up time with the instructor on a future date.
The student acknowledges that if any equipment belonging to the instructor is dropped, damaged, or otherwise misused in any way, the student will be required to replace the damaged equipment at the current cost of said equipment. Student acknowledges that he/she is responsible for research of his/her local and state laws regarding licensing and operation.

ESTHETIC WORLD BEAUTY nor its’ instructors are in any way responsible for legal advice regarding laws that govern the student’s state. Student also agrees
that it is the instructor’s sole discretion when student is ready to perform work on live models. While the school will make every effort to provide live models for students to work on, student acknowledges that no guarantees can possibly be made concerning said models.
All supplies for use during training will be provided for students. Student start-up kits and replacement supplies are available for purchase.
Students must remit either a deposit by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash or Cashiers Check the day they register online for class. This deposit will be deducted from WWW.ESTHETICWORLDBEAUTY.COM tuition, which is due in full no later than THE DAY OF CLASS START DATE unless payment arrangements have been made and a promissory note signed before a notary public has been received. If balance of tuition is not received by or on the first day of class, student forfeits their original deposit, which reserved a seat in that class for student and will need to reschedule with a new deposit.

Cancellation Policy


A deposit or full tuition payment via cash, cashiers check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover (NO PERSONAL CHECKS) will reserve a space in class. Student will receive a full refund of deposit or tuition if notice of intent to cancel is received within 24 hours after receipt of initial payment.

If cancelling class after 24 hrs from payment there is a $500 (or $1000 – depends on the class type) non-refundable fee. Deposit is deducted from tuition and balance of tuition is due on or before the start of class unless payment arrangements have been made and a promissory note has been signed before a notary public and returned. Deposit, nor tuition, are not refundable if student cancels after 24 hours of receipt of payment or if student fails to show up for class. However, if there is a proven emergency, we will offer the student the next available opening dates for two classes in which they can participate at no additional charge. Student must clear their schedule and pick from one of the two classes offered or they forfeit their deposit and/or tuition.

Students must read, understand, and agree to their rights and responsibilities, and acknowledge that the cancellation and refund policies have been clearly explained. This Enrollment Agreement is meant for viewing purposes only and student will receive a printed copy with their deposit or payment when committing to enrollment in a particular class.

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