Become a professional lip blushing artist and learn Lip Blushing Tattoo and Dark Lip Neutralization in this permanent makeup course.

You also get all the necessary tools and supplies to succeed in your training and master the craft of permanent lips.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey or seeking to elevate your current skills, this program is tailored to your needs. Our lip blushing training provides everything you need in terms of knowledge and skills to be a true professional in permanent makeup field, as well as the certification required to operate your business.

Our Lip Blush Course offers hands-on practice along with an amazing professional kit with containing all our favorite supplies to get you through your first 50 clients. You will be able to watch the teacher do a demo model and also have hands-on practice on your own model. Latest techniques and tips will be shared to help you achieve natural velvet lips that clients are in dire desire of. During the training, students will learn to work with the PMU machine device included in the training package, and the newest lip tattoo techniques without any anesthetics and dark lip neutralization.

Upon completion of the lip blushing training, you are never left on your own. You will have access to a lifetime of support through online methods and direct teacher contact. We offer private to small intimate class settings to provide more attention and focus on each student.


Full Kit

Each student receive full lip kit which include: Device + Cartridges (1RL and 3 RL), Full Set of Lip Pigments, 2 x Drawing Pencils, Practice Skin, Ink holder with Cups.

Live Models

Learning in real circumstances is best. We provide live models on which you can practice and learn lip technique.


Upon completion of the advanced lip course, the student receives an internationally recognized EWB certificate.

Manual Book

A high quality manual is a great thing that a student uses during training, as well as after training for quick review.

Full Dedicated Support

Support is included upon course completion. If the student have any issue or question, our teacher will be available!

Small Groups

We have only six students in each class, so the trainer pays full attention to each student.

Price $1800

Topics covered will include:

Checkmark Introduction to PMU + Lip Blush

Checkmark Safety and Sanitation

Checkmark Workspace Set up

Checkmark Color Theory

Checkmark Tool Characteristics

Checkmark Lip Anatomy

Checkmark Contraindications

Checkmark Consultation

Checkmark Lip Shaping and Symmetry

Checkmark Secret ‘No Numb’ Technique

Checkmark Dark Lip Neutralization

Checkmark Live Demo

Checkmark Tips and Tricks

Checkmark Pre-Care

Checkmark After-Care

What is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a lip tattoo, it is the latest trend for lip enhancement, giving the illusion of fuller lips by giving definition, enhancing the lip color to give an even tone, as well as symmetry. Once healed, the lips will appear very natural, giving a soft blush of color. This technique can help define any areas where your natural lip color has faded. It can make your lips look like a more defined and pronounced part of your face.

What is Dark Lip Neutralization?

Dark Lip Neutralization is the process of evening out dark areas or ‘hyperpigmentation’ in the lips by using color theory to effectively cancel out unwanted pigmentation during the lip tattoo procedure.


Danijela Milovanovic

Danijela Milovanovic

Danijela Milovanovic is the Founder and CEO of Esthetic World Beauty in Chicago, Illinois a Permanent Makeup Academy that has been recognized by the IBHE as a Private Business and Vocational School. More than 3096 students have successfully graduated from EWB Academy and went on to create amazing things in their own PMU business. Hers unique and proven EWB Training System® will help you learn PMU procedures and everything you need to start your own career.

Danijela won the first place in the Advance Microblading Technique category at the International 2018 PMU Congress in Las Vegas. In 2016, she won the 3rd place in European Championship in Permanent Makeup and Microblading Category in Moscow. She has been a competition judge at the biggest International Beauty and PMU Conference in Vietnam.


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Beginner Lip Blushing Training to launch your PMU career

You can dream of a brilliant career as a permanent makeup artist, but it can only happen to those who go for it. There’s no better time than now to move from words to action! If you’re a rookie specialist and are looking to expand your skills, it would be awesome to add lip blushing to your service list. With this cutting-edge procedure attracting women of all ages, you can springboard your career as soon as this year! Everything you need to get started straight away is to take an EWB lip blushing course.

If you want to make your way in the PMU world and become one of the top-rated specialists in your area, gain experience with the most sought-after procedures. Unlike most online lip blush courses, Esthetic World Beauty allows you to acquire both book knowledge and practical skills with live models. While a picture is worth a thousand words, learn-by-doing is worth a dozen lip blushing guides!

All-in-one Lip Blushing Classes near me: See more clients coming

When you set your sights on your own beauty and aesthetics practice, make sure you have a competitive edge behind it. To thrive, you should stay client-oriented and keep your eyes on the latest beauty trends. That’s why taking EWB lip blushing classes may be your top priority this year.

Women want to flaunt their juicy, seductive lips without applying tons of lipstick, and you want to build a loyal customer base. Bingo! Esthetic World Beauty Lip blushing course lets you get down to the nitty-gritty of the cosmetic lip tattoo procedure, master the most effective techniques, and learn to use lip tattoo machines. You’ll meet the needs of charming ladies and significantly increase your income once you become the provider of their choice!

Learning the ropes of lip blushing at Esthetic World Beauty means:

  • Acquiring hands-on experience with the Pro Touch machine
  • Gaining insight into lip technique guidelines
  • Getting a certificate that you can use to prove your expertise anywhere in the world
  • Being guided by an experienced teacher

Enroll in Beginner Lip Blushing Training with EWB

Having no experience doesn’t make you a bad student for this training. This is where you break new ground to make a name for yourself in the PMU industry. And it’s focused on picking up the skills you can use once you complete it. While online lip blush training can teach you theoretical aspects, this course allows you to immerse yourself in the process!

At Esthetic World Beauty, we’ve gathered knowledge and techniques from all over the world. That’s why we can help you become a permanent makeup specialist in just two days. You may also want to consider other EWB classes to expand your existing portfolio.

Enrolling in this training takes a minute. Fill out the form to join!