Two-day Shading Training

This Esthetic World Beauty Shading Training is ideal for those who would like to include Machine or Manual Shading technique to their permanent makeup service. 

Esthetic World Beauty Two-day Shading Training for: Shading – Ombré Brows – Powder Brows

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What You Will Get?

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Checkmark Live Demo by InstructorCheckmark Practice on a modelCheckmark Solving CasesCheckmark Tips and Tricks Checkmark Answers and Questions

What Our Students Says About Us?

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We want to make sure our students know the answers to “why” and “how” the technique is applied. Learn a variety of techniques. We teach you several needle configurations and different pigments.

What is shading?
Shading is a form of permanent makeup/cosmetic tattoo, also referred to as ombre brows. This technique may remind you of a makeup look and is suitable for pretty much anyone. Shading is performed at the same depth as microblading only instead of hair stokes it gives a powdery and full illusion. Shading can be done manually as well as with a machine. So it’s up to you when choosing either or you might just want to widen your abilities and learn both.

What is our focus during the training?
During the training we provide you with a machine or manual kit that you work with during class and also get to take home. We like to focus on a little bit of theory to familiarize you with the chosen technique and then move on to the practical part. We like to focus on hands on training and provide you with fake skins in order for you to practice the correct movements, angle and more. We are also by your side the whole time to ensure that you have our attention as well as learning all of our tips and tricks.

The first day of training our teacher performs on a live model, so you can observe the process and ask any questions before performing on your own model the next day. Our main goal is to provide you with the most knowledge possible within this time span while also giving you the opportunity to perform on a live model under our supervision, this way you will have us by your side to help you during this process if you have any questions or need help.

What Is Included?

Machine/Manual Tool


Lifetime Support


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