Get online Microblading Certification in Manual Duo Lift® Advanced Technique in just 3 Easy Steps!

Get certified from the comfort of your home

Get the Skill. Get Certified for It! 

Learn advanced Microblading technique, Manual Duo Lift and expand your Microblading services and your Microblading business. With our certification you will put yourself in the position to offer unique service other Microblading businesses can’t offer. Best part is that you can do it without spending your hard earned money on travel, hotels, food, and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Get Certified for Manual Duo Lift® Advanced Technique in just 3 steps!

Now you have opportunity to get certificate from comfort in your home. All you need to do is to practice new and unique pattern on specialized microblading practice skin, and then you can submit your work (by taking a photo) to us by filling out quick form. We will eveluate your submission and after your work got approved, you’ll receive your Manual Duo Lift® Advanced Technique certificate in a mail.

That’s How Easy It Is!

What are You waiting for? Get Started Now

1. If not already, take the first step by practicing on your Microblading Manual Duo Lift® Practice Skin.

2. Upon perfecting Manual Duo Lift® pattern on practice skin, take a photo and submit it to us by filling out quick form.

3. We review your submitted work, and if you get approved, you will receive your Manual Duo Lift®
Advanced Technique certificate.