Brow Lamination Training

The Latest Needle-free Alternative To Microblading

Brow lamination follows a similar concept to a lash lift, or perm and gives you the look of symmetry, fullness, and definition. This service allows clients to ditch the daily brow gel, and eyebrow pencils. They can swim, shower, sweat, etc. without losing their shape. No matter what your clients’ brow concern is — gaps, thinning, overplucking, unruliness — brow lamination is an amazing solution and a great microblading alternative.

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High Return of Investment

Brow Lamination is the latest trend in eyebrows and it’s making some serious waves in the PMU business! This procedure creates the look of full, soft brows in a single appointment by realigning the directional hair development and improving the brow shape. The outcomes are GORGEOUS and noticeable immediately, providing instant satisfaction which you and your customers will love. The lamination effect lasts up to two months – which implies that it’s the ideal service for beauty experts since it has a short time to learn the procedure and promotes a repeating returning client base!

Do you love beauty? Have an enthusiasm for learning? Ready to give it your all? At that point, you have what it takes since Brow Lamination is incredible for both new and experienced PMU/Beauty experts! With proper training and it takes little time to learn the actual procedure and performing the service is simple and easy. There are no conventional requirements to learn this service other than an passion for beauty and excellence and a commitment to BRING IT and give your best!

Price $550

Why EWB Brow Lamination Training?

Practice-oriented Training on Brow Lamination, With Experience Distilled From The Worlds Top PMU Experts

With specially designed interactive training modules you'll have the opportunity to maximize your skills and knowledge.

Our Instructors respond promptly and eagerly to assist you. You have 24/7 support available.

Everything you need to get started for Brow Lamination will be shipped for free worldwide.

Start earning additionally immediately upon training completion.

Become certified Brow Lamination Expert with our internationally recognized certificate.

Brow Lamination is an amazing solution and a great Microblading alternative.

This procedure hides small gaps and gives the illusion of major hair growth.

With brow lamination, you can raise a client's arch, extend their tails, give them a fuller brow by lifting the brow hair or give them a messy, fluffy brow.

Re-create a client's brow safely without the need of needles or semi-permanent makeup.

Brow Lamination is more affordable for your clients, and it perfect for increasing your profits.

We want to do our part to ensure each technician is trained and proficient in the best brow lamination practices to uphold high standards within the industry – that is why we have included everything you need in order to start providing this service to your clients. 

Brow Lamination Kit contains our custom formulations:

  • Perming / Lifting lotion
  • Fixing / Setting lotion
  • Nourish keratin lotion
  • Glue

Price $550


Danijela Milovanovic

Danijela Milovanovic is the Founder and CEO of Esthetic World Beauty in Chicago, Illinois a Permanent Makeup Academy that has been recognized by the IBHE as a Private Business and Vocational School. More than 3096 students have successfully graduated from EWB Academy and went on to create amazing things in their own PMU business. Hers unique and proven EWB Training System® will help you learn PMU procedures and everything you need to start your own career.

Danijela won the first place in the Advance Microblading Technique category at the International 2018 PMU Congress in Las Vegas. In 2016, she won the 3rd place in European Championship in Permanent Makeup and Microblading Category in Moscow. She has been a competition judge at the biggest International Beauty and PMU Conference in Vietnam.


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