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Years of study, research and innovation combined with a strong passion and experience in PMU field, resulted with this book that we are very proud of.

The pattern breakdown is a complete guide for “ wild eyebrows ”. The manual contents 72 pages with crucial points and illustrations which includes everything for master the art of drawing beautiful, modern and natural looking hair strokes.

HAIRSTROKE BROW techniques change over the course of time. The industry brought forth a new trend, wild stroke brows. “Wild stroke brows “, is a technique that brings the artists artistic ability to the highest degree. A technique currently most popular and advanced in the industry. In the process of this technique in eyebrow modification, the original brow hair is retained. It has a makeup-like effect on brow hair, making brow hair look thick when in natural shape.
In the operations, long lines, short lines, fleece lines, single lines, combined lines, etc, are used to create a three-dimensional effect, while also preserving as much native hair as possible.

This manual will help you learn most advance and unique techniques. Gentle Brow, Feather Brow and Men Brow. It will take you through the process of how to place each hair stroke in a pattern that designs the perfect eyebrows for your client, even a men client.

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